Urgent announcement for anyone who wants to make

serious Forex from the global markets...


“How come none of these Forex guides or courses ever work for me?”

 Whether you’ve bought a Forex manual or black box system, or attended a seminar, there are TWO major flaws that make it virtually impossible for the average working man to make serious Forex from the global markets!
That’s why I’d like to offer you a different service that cuts out all the hassle and hard work and makes trading the markets EASY!
No guides. No manuals. No DVDs. No learning. No skill needed.
All you need to do is get up, have breakfast, and switch on your cellphone at 8.00am...

Dear Forex Profit Hunter,
One bright summer’s day, two men – Phil and John – arrive at O.R Tambo International Airport. They don’t know each other, but both of them are travelling to New York.
Phil is flying at 3.00pm and John is flying at 4.00pm.
There’s nothing exceptional about these two guys. They’re both pretty smart, they both hold down decent jobs, they both have families that they want to do well for and they’re both ambitious...
Pretty much the same as millions of other people. Pretty much like you and me.
At 2.30pm, Phil’s flight is ready to board. He goes to the gate, shows his ticket and gets on the plane. He’s shown to his seat, where he settles himself in.
The captain announces they’re ready to take off and away they go. Phil sits back, has a drink, relaxes and enjoys the flight. 17 hours later he’s in New York – bang on schedule.
Meanwhile in JHB, John’s flight is ready to board.
Like Phil, he goes to the gate, shows his ticket and walks on to the plane but then something strange happens.
Instead of being shown to a passenger seat, John is ushered into the cockpit. He’s told to sit down in the pilot’s seat by a smiling stewardess. A moment later, the captain appears with a big fat How to Fly A Plane guidebook.
“Everything you need to know about flying a Boeing 747 is right here,” he says. “Really, it’s the most comprehensive guide there is.”
He lays the book in John’s lap, then gives John a quick run through of the controls... The altitude gauge, the engine control, the radio, the fuel gauge, the auto pilot, the wing control... The captain leaves nothing out.
He shows John EVERYTHING.
Then he straightens up, slaps John on the back and says: “Good luck! I’m sure you’ll get us to New York perfectly!”
So, a question...
If you were John, would YOU start the engine up and try and fly the plane to New York? I mean, you’ve got a big, fat guide sitting on your lap – explaining everything. And the captain (I forgot to add he’s one of the most experienced and skilful pilots in the world) has just shown you – one-on-one – how to fly the thing.
So what’s stopping you? What’s stopping you reading the guide, taking hold of those controls and making a successful flight all the way to New York?
The answer’s obvious isn’t it? You just don’t have the experience to fly a Boeing 747. And besides, you’d MUCH rather just sit back and let someone else do all the tricky stuff. Who wouldn’t?
Well, just by grasping this one simple, obvious TRUTH, you’re in a perfect position to start trading the global markets properly... by doing NOTHING and leaving all the hard work to me!
So who am I? And why do I think I can make you some serious Forex profits, if you let me “fly the plane” while you sit back and do virtually nothing?
Let me explain...
Today I want to show you the SMART, EASY way to profit from the world’s markets – and to make you a truly unique offer...
I go by the name Trader X, simply because I believe I bring an X-factor to the returns I’m able to generate. That’s my commitment to the publishers of this service.
I’ve been a trading enthusiast from before I was legally old enough to open my first trading account. I’m passionate about trading the global markets and have been immersed in these markets for more than 15 years.
So how much am I making?
Well, let’s look at this year…

Just consider the last quarter, we’ve certainly had some small losses but we’ve had some crazy profits too – like 212.01% just last week from the USD/ZAR.  And that’s not the only profits we’ve had from this forex trade this year, it’s paid out on four other occasions this year.
In fact, in June, I made a fat 328.47% gain going long the USD/ZAR currency pair in just 15 days.
I’m telling you how much I’ve made from the Forex markets so you can see the potential I’m talking about here...
Which is why I’d like to run this past you...
If you can switch your cell phone on at 8.00am, and keep it charged and on until 4.00pm, I’m convinced I can show you a way to make consistent gains in the global markets over the next twelve months.
No more having to follow a guide and learn how to work the markets yourself, no more having to sit through hours of DVD footage trying to grasp complex strategies... No more “flying the plane” yourself...
If you want the chance to make profits from the global markets the smart and EASY way, then I’ll do all the hard and boring work for you.
All you have to do is keep your cell phone switched on and with you between 8.00am and 4.00pm, and wait for my signal.
Every day, Monday to Friday, I’ll analyse the markets and, the minute I see a profit opportunity, I’ll send an SMS to your cell phone! No effort on your part, no stress, no knowledge needed, no guesswork... I’ll tell you the EXACT trade to make, the prices, everything. All you have to do is place the trade, then sit back and let it work for you.
I’d like to offer you a 90-day trial – with no obligation – and I’ll do all the hard work for you. More on this in a minute...
With my help (rather than the help of a book on your lap), I’m convinced this is the EASIEST and SMARTEST way for you take advantage of the global markets

Take a look at some of those gains again… 
142.12% on the Ozzie dollar in 19 days
173.13% on the Euro in 36 days
128.79% on the Japanese Yen in 14 days
105.26% on Gold in 20 days

That’s the potential of the global market... But in my opinion, you have to have someone with experience doing the hard work.
A bit like the captain flying the plane. If you’ve got the experience, it’s a lot easier to get it right.
Now, before you get carried away and think I’ll be able to guarantee you vast returns, there are a few things I need to make clear at this point:
My strategy is NOT fool proof. There will be days when you make a loss, and if that’s something that scares you, then CFD trading is not for you.
This will NOT make you a millionaire overnight. I’ll be looking to make you around 30% - 80% from each trade, moving in and out quickly to nail the profit. But every now and again, I’ll send you a ‘big one’ – a trade that looks set to run up 100% - 300% or even more. Some will work, some won’t. Like I’ve already said, we WILL lose money from time to time. But over the course of a month, two months, a year... I aim to add some serious money to your investment pot.
And while I’m at it, here are a couple of other points:
You’ll need R10,000 as an opening amount to make this worthwhile. Any less than that and the percentage gains won’t really build up quickly enough. (And remember, this carries risk, so ONLY use funds you can afford to lose).
You need a cell phone – and you need to be able to keep it on from 8.00am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday. During those times I’ll be scouring the markets looking for profits and the moment I see one I’ll send you a SMS that needs to be acted on pretty swiftly.
I’m aiming to make you around 50% on your investment over the year – without you having to lift a finger. Of course, you’ll need to place the trade, but that’s it. By the end of the year, we should be looking at a 50% return, if you’re looking for “day-dream” returns of 500% or 1,000% per annum, this won’t be for you.
If you’re happy with all of that, then you’re all set to give this a try and see how much money you could be making from the markets right NOW.
Remember, you don’t need to be a financial whiz-kid to make this work. That’s my role. If you don’t want to, you’ll never even have to pick up a copy of the Financial Times or look at the Bloomberg website!
I’m going to do everything for you, so you can just sit back and take it easy. If that’s not the smart and easy way to make profits from the financial markets, I don’t know what is!
I hope you’re excited about this opportunity. I know I am.
As far as I know, this is the ONLY service that does all the hard work for you, so you can experience the high- octane thrill of the markets without doing any of the hard work.
Seriously, I can’t wait to get started and send you your first trading tips (and remember, I’d like you to test me out and see what I can do for you for three whole months before you commit to anything).
But first, I’d like to SHOW you how a Forex trade works and look at how playing two currencies can make you money...
The simple idea behind one of the most complicated markets in the world...
Imagine going on holiday to New York. Depending on what day you buy dollars, you get a different rate of exchange. Sometimes R15 will buy you one dollar; sometimes it will buy you less. So, if you buy $1 for R15.00 and then, a week later, sell that $1 for R15.50, you’ve made 50c. And if you did that with R1 million you’d have made R33,323.
Well, that’s how making money from the currency markets used to work. But now it’s much easier! Instead of traders buying millions of rands of one currency and hoping to make money from the change in price, a new development means you can make massive gains from tiny currency movements. And best of all, you don’t just make mere cents in profit, because currency CFDs and spreads on currencies are geared instruments, each movement is multiplied ten times or more.
Currency trading involves placing a trade that a currency price will move in a specific direction. So when you get the SMS, I basically tell you I believe a currency price is about to move up or down...
These price movements are measured in pips and, for each pip it moves in the direction you traded, you make money. This means anyone can start acting on the dozens of currency price movements that happen every day. You no longer need to have a bank balance like Bill Gates or the Sultan of Brunei. And with my short alerts, you’ll know exactly how to do it.
I won’t try and pretend trading currencies isn’t risky. There’s always a chance you can lose more than your original stake – but with each trade, I’ll give you a specific and simple way to keep your risk to a minimum. And remember, I don’t just send you currency trades, you’ll also get CFD trades on other markets like gold, oil and even big name brands like Amazon and Daimler.  I’ll  tell you more about that in the FREE report I’ll send you if you claim your 90-day subscription on my service.

You’re privy to information no one else in South Africa will receive...
As soon as I spot an opportunity to make some money from a quick CFD trade, I’ll SMS you and you could be in on one of the most exciting rides of your life – potentially plucking cash from the US, European and even Asian markets every couple of weeks!
You won’t be able to get this kind of information anywhere else in SA – nobody is prepared to release this information on a regular basis. And that’s what makes this trading service so different …
I’ll tell you EXACTLY what to trade and when to trade it!
No more complex books, no more lengthy DVDs rambling on and on… No more hard work for you full stop! It won’t be difficult getting in on these tips – all you’ll have to do is read the instructions in the SMS that I’ll send you and say the exact words I’ve written to your broker. (I’ll recommend the best ones for you to use.)
After that, you can sit back and watch what happens to the trade...
I’ll warn you now, it’s addictive. This market trades 24 hours, five days a week. Chances to make money come thick and fast and it can suck you in. But you won’t need to worry, because I’ll be looking after everything for you... I’ll tell you when to get in and when to get out. All you need to do is keep your cell phone with you between eight in the morning and four in the afternoon, and leave the rest to me!
That said, I bet once you get your first SMS (I’ll follow it up with an email telling you the reasons WHY we’re trading) and get your first trade on, you’ll be so excited, you’ll be checking your position every hour from the moment you wake up... you won’t be able to help yourself!
Just picture how it could be...
You wake up one morning. You make yourself a cup of coffee...
You stroll to your computer and open a website. A smirk comes over your face. You were sceptical – but the figures are there in front of you, flashing on the screen...
...You’ve just made your first gain lying flat on your back, fast asleep!
In your mind, you’re spending the profits already… Or maybe you’ll let them mount up until you can splash out on a luxury holiday – things that seemed a bit too expensive a while back.
But the best is yet to come...
You remember how simple this has all been. How all you had to do to bank these profits was carry your cell phone with you, wait for a simple SMS, spend five minutes on your PC or phone your broker and that was it...
In return the global markets pay you profits of 100%, 200%, even 300% PER TRADE... slowly building into a  REAL second income that you have to do very little to get.
You think to yourself: “Can it really be this easy?”
The answer is “Yes”...
IF you have someone doing all the hard work for you
Of course, as these trades involve CFDs and there’s always a chance you could lose more than you stake.
But we’re not going for a one-off trade. If you choose to try my service, I’ll send you alerts that will tell you how to get in on more and more of these “modest” positions.
Remember, in general we’re ONLY going after the smaller amounts... 30%-80% gains... and these “small” gains quickly add up. They may not impress the “dreamers”... those people who want to make 2,000% gains overnight. But that’s not the way the markets work – certainly not when they’re analysed by professionals.
No – we ONLY go for small ‘kills’. 100% at a time tops. But we do it again and again and again... and over the coming months I’m sure you’re going to be absolutely delighted with the level of money CFD trading can make you when it’s done properly – by an expert, not by following some manual.
After all, I spot these opportunities every month... Which brings me to the second reason why I think this is the ONLY trading service you’ll ever need...
The SECOND reason why this service will work and others won’t...
Take a look at those gains again. Most investors would kill to get those type of consistent gains, especially those who trying to substitute experience in trading with a “How To” guide.
So, that’s the first reason I think my service – called Pickpocket Trader – has the potential to make you far more money than most services... Basically I watch the markets consistently. That sort of experience and dedication is essential if you want to make serious, consistent money from the financial markets.
Much like you need experience to fly a plane across the seas.

But there’s another reason why so many people NEVER make money  from the markets on their own...


You see, I work a 14 hour day – minimum. And even when I go home, I keep my laptop switched on so I can keep an eye on the markets.
I even get alerted whenever a serious price change takes place. When this happens I rush to my computer, coffee in hand and watch the markets at three or four in the morning!
You see, I’m addicted to trading. Seriously – it’s in my blood.
Of course, I could just kick back, play golf, have long lunches…
But you know what...?
Nothing beats the thrill of “hunting” in the market jungle and nailing a profit. So between the hours of 8.00am and 4.00pm, I’ll be working for YOU... analysing the markets, trying to make you 50% return on your investment this year, crunching the numbers and doing my best to make sure that not one profit opportunity slips through the net.
And that’s the second killer for most private investors who try to go at this alone... to really get anything substantial out of the markets, you NEED to put the hours in. So unless you can sit in front of a screen pretty much full time, take calls from brokers and know who to ring to get an inside scoop at a major bank, then making money from CFDs is going to be extremely hard.
I’m not saying it’s impossible – just that without putting the hours in and WATCHING the markets, making profits is a lot more difficult.
That’s why I really believe if I’m working for you, every day Monday to Friday, you’ll REALLY start to enjoy the true potential of CFD trading.
Sounds good doesn’t it?
Well, it’s about to get a lot better...
NO effort, NO skill, NO hassle...
I’m going to cherry-pick what I believe are my very best money-making opportunities and rush them to you
Every day I see dozens of potentially good trades – and each and every one needs analysing, watching and judging. Most of these trades will end up being ditched...
But I’ll send you my choice trades, as soon as I’ve verified their potential. That means using my experience to check and double check that these trades are red hot, then making a few calls to see if there’s something going on behind closed doors that we should know about.
But once a trade has ticked all the boxes, I’ll send you all the details you need in an SMS and a follow-up email, so you can get in on it without spending hours in front of a laptop trying to figure things out on your own.
Most trades will be over a week or two, but you need to get in quick. That’s important to me, because I don’t want you reading the SMS and follow-up email too late and missing out on everything... Although sometimes they happen far quicker – so you need to act fast.
In other words, you’ll be getting what I believe are the very best trades – without any of the hours of hard graft I put in!
That’s all there is to it – you keep your cell phone switched on, I’ll send you the “hot” trades when I see them, you just place the trade (I’ll explain exactly how you do that in a free guide I’ll send you), and that’s it!
Your work is over, in five minutes!
Now just to give you a clear idea of what you’re getting into, I’m going to get a bit technical... but don’t panic. Remember, I’m going to do all the technical stuff for you... You just have to follow the simple instructions in my alerts...
A 212.01% return in in just 11 days
You see, every day I spend hours looking at charts.
If you’re not familiar with currency trading charts, it may look confusing... Maybe a little frightening – but don’t worry, I know exactly what I’m doing... After all I’ve been doing this for years...
Now, I could start using all sorts of jargon about Relative Strength Index, Trade Numbers and resistance lines here.
I could even promise to send you a book explaining all this stuff in detail and leave you to get on with it... But that’s the HARD way to do it. And I want to make this as EASY for you as possible.
So you don’t need to know ANY of this.
If you’d been signed-up to Pickpocket Trader at the start of 2021, I’d have sent a series of SMS’s to your cell phone with all the trading details you needed to get in and out, plus a short email explaining why I’d picked the trades.
So how does it work? – How did we make a 212.01% return in just 11 days?
On the 9th of September 2021, I saw that the US Dollar was due for a rally. I advised my subscribers to go long on the USD and short the ZAR.
Those that followed my suggestion banked a 212.01% gain when it rallied just 11 days later.
To put that into perspective, a gain like that is enough to turn R10 000 into R21,200…
Not too bad, considering all my subscribers had to do was pass on a few short instructions to their brokers…
But I’m not going to insult your intelligence; these gains are in the past and are no guarantee of my future performance.
To discover how well I do this year, you’ll have to do one thing...
Accept a no-obligation 90-day subscription to Pickpocket Trader and start receiving my SMS alerts! It really is that simple – just TRY this service and see what I can do for you. No obligation, no catch... Just your chance to let me work for you to start making some sense (and hopefully some fast profits) from Forex, without you doing a stroke of work.
I plan to send you around 8 trades over the next three months. Some will be long plays of around two to three weeks – others I’ll be looking to close out in a couple of days... you won’t be able to keep away from your PC to see how your trade is doing!
But before you get carried away, I want to make one thing clear AGAIN. I may be entrenched in the markets but I’m not a psychic or a clairvoyant – and like every other trader I do take hits.
Plus, the profits take time to build up. Unless we’re very lucky, I doubt whether you’ll have made much money from this in the first few weeks. You’ll get a feel for what it can do, and you’ll experience the thrill of watching your trades move. But when they work out, most trades pull in around 30%-80%.
Remember, we’ll take some losses as well. But I’m giving you a full 90-days to road test this and see if it can work for you. Remember I’m aiming to make you an average of 50% this coming year.
And every couple of months, we’ll spot a “big one”... Something that has the power to make you a 100%-300% gain at a stroke. So that over the year, you should be sitting on a very handsome profit indeed.
That’s how a professional trader works it and that’s how I work it. I don’t expect to see great profits every day. But over a year, I expect to make far, far more than most investors ever see. And that’s what I aim to do for you. This is important, and I want you to be well aware of this before I start working for you.
So it’s up to you...
Do you want the chance to make some serious money over the next few months? To get your hands on information no one else in SA knows about? Or do you want to carry on as normal and miss out on this opportunity.
I know what I’d choose...

So how much am I asking to let you in on all these CFD “money kills” ?
I expect you’re wondering how much it’s going to cost to get my alerts. Well, let me put things in perspective...
On the Internet you’ll find trading seminars costing between R5,000 and R15,000...
For that fee, you’ll get a day or two of trading advice (70% of which you’ll forget as soon as you walk out of the lecture hall), you won’t receive any specific tips and it would leave you to do all the analysis yourself.
You might even be sold on to an even more expensive seminar for the privilege!
But with my alerts, I’ll do all the hard work for you, you’ll get specific tips plus I’ll send you an update on what’s happening with the markets EVERY WEEK!
You’ll also find a lot of ‘Groundbreaking Trading Software’. Computer systems you can download on your computer to give you signals when to make a trade. This software sells for upwards of R5,000...
But I can assure you it does little more than the technical analysis I use and it doesn’t pay any attention to things like interest rates, employment figures or political wrangling and it certainly doesn’t have any idea of market sentiment or pick up on any trader whispers.
So personally, I feel that kind of money for software is a rip-off!
“Yes, yes, yes! I agree – I won’t make much from a seminar... And a guide will leave me out in the cold. But how much does Pickpocket Trader cost?”
Well, in my opinion this is BETTER than a seminar or any software. This lasts a whole year and you have me working for you, using all my knowledge and contacts and watching the markets like a hawk to bring you the hottest CFD positions, day after day.
So I should charge more than the most expensive piece of software for this. Really, I should. But I’m not going to.
I want you to make some proper money from the global markets and I don’t want you to turn away this opportunity just because of a high price.
I’m happy to work for you for whole year for only R3,700 (or just R925 per quarter).
Think about it... most trading packages will cost you R5,000 and more. And you have to do all the work yourself!
But for a fraction of the price, I’ll do EVERYTHING for you except come round to your house and place the trade for you! I’m afraid you’ll have to do that bit yourself. But I’ll explain exactly how to open an account and place a trade in the free report I’ll send you, plus my SMS instructions will be crystal clear (as you’ll see when you take up a no-obligation 90 day subscription to my service).
Basically, while most other services charge you R5,000+ to fly the plane yourself, I’ll fly the plane for you for just four quarterly payments of R925, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the journey! I won’t take a cut of your profits; they’re all yours to keep.
But remember, at the moment, all I’m asking you to do is TRY my service. It’s no good me telling you how much I think I can make you and what a difference my experience and contacts will make.
I need to SHOW you how much you’re going to make – and the only way I can do that is if you accept a no- obligation subscription and see this working for yourself
You can spread the initial cost of this breakthrough trading service over four easy quarterly payments – so you can discover the great profit potential WITHOUT breaking the bank
If you sign up today, I’ll start sending you alerts within seven days. And I’ll continue to send you all of my best tips for a whole 90 days.
And get this... If after 90 days you’re not happy with the service, I’ll give you every cent of your subscription fee back.
I really want you to be 100% happy with the service before you commit to anything – that’s why I’m making you this offer. You’ll have a whole three months to get to grips with the SMSs and emails. Maybe even paper trade a few of the tips.
Remember, if during the first 90 days, you’re not happy FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, just let me know and I’ll stop the alerts and take you off Pickpocket Trader.
I’ll wish you the best of luck in the markets on your own and we’ll part company without you losing a single cent of your subscription fee.

But before you make your decision, let me explain exactly what you’ll get if you accept my invitation to “test-drive” my Pickpocket Trader service over the next 90 days:
 - At least 8 specific tips every quarter that could make you money. Remember, we’re looking to make 30%-80% a time. Just picture how quickly that could build up your wealth.

- Specific advice on how to manage your risk – I’ll give you clear instructions of where to place stop losses and won’t be afraid to tell you when it’s time to get out of a trade.
- WEEKLY updates on the markets and your positions – you’ll always have a clear overview of what is going on in the markets across the world.
Plus I’d like to send you something else – that you can keep whatever you decide to do and it’s important...
To help you get started and make the whole process of trading the global markets as easy as possible for you, I’d like to send you a report absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. It’s a report I’ve written that reveals all the secrets, tricks of the trade and insider knowledge I’ve gathered during my time in the industry...
It’s called the Pickpocket Trader Insiders’ Guide and Trading Manual.
This is an invaluable guide to making CFDs work for you – how to run in and grab potential gains quickly and with the minimum risk.
If you’ve never traded the global markets before or used CFDs – YOU MUST READ THIS GUIDE. It’ll make everything so much easier when you get started.
But that’s not all – I’ll also send you my Pickpocket Trader Quick-Start Guide.
And remember, you don’t need to LEARN anything. All you need from these guides is the section on how to open a trading account, how to follow my SMSs and how to place the trade!
Then you’re all set to go!
So why not sign up now and make sure you get my next SMS. What have you got to lose? After all, if after 90 days you’re not happy with the service, I’ll give you every cent of your subscription fee back.
But I believe that once you act on my first trade you’ll be hooked. You could even use your subscription to paper trade my tips and see if I’m as good as I say I am!
But when you see how the trades are doing, I bet you won’t want to paper trade for long. Just sign up for your subscription NOW and start getting in on the action. You could have your first profit in the next two weeks.
Imagine waking up and seeing the money you’d made on your currency trade overnight!
All you have to do to start receiving my trades is click on the order button below. It will only take about two minutes.
As soon as I receive your online membership application, I’ll rush you your private login and password to our membership site so you can download your copy of the Pickpocket Trader Insiders’ Guide and Trading Manual, so you can read it and get ready for your first trade! Then your first trade will come by SMS and email and “BANG!” you’ll be off... You’ll be sucked into the thrill of CFD trading.
So don’t hang around, the next 12 months look set to be volatile which  means there’ll be plenty more opportunities to profit
Make sure you’re ready to grab the money the EASY way. Let me do all the hard work for you.
Sign up today.

Best wishes,
Trader X,
Analyst, Pickpocket Trader
PS: Why struggle through guides and DVDs when you don’t have to? Sign up today and I could be helping you make money within three days!
PPS: Remember, I’m going to be doing all the hard work for you. I’m going to be use information not available to most people in SA. If you want to smash down the door of the closed world of CFD trading and grab the potential profits, click the button below and complete your membership online today.

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I understand that if at any time during the first three months I decide that I no longer wish to continue with Pickpocket Trader, I may cancel and receive a full refund. After that I am free to cancel at any time and receive a pro-rata refund for all the remaining months on my subscription.

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